Culture and values
alive in Organizations

Shape your culture and values as a strategic success factor

Credibility and authenticity

Develop a credible and authentic culture
that fits with your business and your vision!

A culture is alive when people on all levels of the organization consciously identify with it. If culture and values also work towards the vision and stategic goals of a business, they become strategic success factors.

A conscious and strategic alignment of company values and culture is especially worthwhile during times of rapid growth, after mergers, in succession processes and when owners or top management changes.

Anchoring culture and values in organizations

A strategically aligned culture change will bring new momentum in the organization,
raise your profile as an employer and helps you realize your business vision.

  • What does the vision and strategy for your business look like?
  • Which kind of culture is needed to realize this vision and support the strategy?
  • What is the actually lived culture today?
  • Which values are already practiced in a positive ways, which ones must be reinforced or even newly anchored to enable the development of a future-oriented culture?

These are the questions we start with on the journey of shaping concrete values and culture change.


“With her consistent and integrative approach, Swaan Barrett has been essential in the successful implementation of a value-based open culture with integrated structures in our company. Her initiatives throughout the process have led to lasting changes in people and teams, bringing us to a new level and making us significantly more attractive as an employer for both existing and new talent.”

Christoph Brauner, Founder and Managing Director
European Academy of Taxes, Economics & Law

"My entrepreneurial challenge is to manage growth and transform the company with its management team for handing over to the next generation. Swaan Barrett’s highly professional facilitation of this change process is a key factor for us. My personal learning when diving into the images and paintings of the Symbolon-Profile: deep insights into my own thought patterns, uplifting aha moments, incredibly valuable realizations through reflection. The result: an increasingly clearer view of possible future scenarios for our company and myself. Chapeau and Thanks, dear Swaan Barrett!"

Brigitte Kaltwasser, Owner
Kaltwasser Kommunikation

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Where are you with your organizational culture?

Whatever the situation, I look forward to your call!