Innovation for Organizations

Re-think your business and co-create a sustainable foundation for future growth integrating people from all parts of your organization.

The big picture

Organizational transformation of any kind requires an overall strategy over time
to ensure that the necessary change is fully owned by all and
grounded in appropriate structures and processes.

Organic Strategies helps you keep the big picture in mind while being fully aware of the present moment and the task at hand. When you focus on the root of an issue in the now, new strategies begin to emerge effortlessly.

The next right step can easily be recognized at each stage of unfoldment in an organic process, all the while continuously adjusting to changing circumstances as they arise. This is the organic path to success.

Co-create and inspire transformation

Designing transformation as a fluid and integrated process empowers people
to work and relate at the required new levels of understanding as the process unfolds.

Are you concerned about managing more and more people without building rigid structures and undercutting the prevailing positive spirit as a result?

The challenge: Organizational growth means increased complexity and more communication loops.

The organic strategy:

  • Clarify you mission, vision and values
  • Support learning and inner work in the core team of your organization to adjust to different ways of relating to self and others
  • Bring everyone on board by establishing new feedback loops and intertwining structures that are both practical and scalable
  • Integrate your culture and values into the entire process
  • Practice, review and redesign as needed

“With her consistent and integrative approach, Swaan Barrett has been essential in the successful implementation of a value-based open culture with integrated structures in our company. Her initiatives throughout the process have led to lasting changes in people and teams, bringing us to a new level and making us significantly more attractive as an employer for both existing and new talent.”

Christoph Brauner, Founder and Managing Director
European Academy of Taxes, Economics & Law

"My entrepreneurial challenge is to manage growth and transform the company with its management team for handing over to the next generation. Swaan Barrett’s highly professional facilitation of this change process is a key factor for us. My personal learning when diving into the images and paintings of the Symbolon-Profile which seemed a bit esoteric at first: deep insights into my own thought patterns, uplifting aha moments, incredibly valuable realizations through reflection. The result: an increasingly clearer view of possible future scenarios for our company and myself. Chapeau and Thanks, dear Swaan Barrett!"

Brigitte Kaltwasser, Owner
Kaltwasser Kommunikation

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What is your company's challenge?

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