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Navigate transformational times with confidence and effectiveness based on a deeper understanding of people, potentials and process.

Find your leading direction

Leadership at its best is about recognizing and creating order in turbulence and apparently chaotic circumstances. This requires a strong inner center. Thus, the more we become true to ourselves as complex beings, the more effective we can be as leaders.

As we change on a personal level, others respond in new ways, creating opportunities for growth and unfolding. Mastering this dance between ourselves and the people around us involves the skills both to lead and to follow.

Results come about with greater ease when we trust the power of life to organize itself as well as our own ability to know just when to act. The path of success then opens up before us one step at a time.

Powerful tools for leadership in transformation

Coaching with Organic Strategies gets you there faster.
You will see things from a new perspective, stabilize your base and take the next steps with confidence.

Ready to follow a new direction?

Develop a strategy to get you there and learn organic strategy design on the way.

  • With a step-by-step strategy design process, your can set your focus and continuously sharpen it until you have a clear path forward.
  • Understand the success principles of strategic action, expanding your personal toolset for any future venture.

"My entrepreneurial challenge is to manage growth and transform the company with its management team for handing over to the next generation. Swaan Barrett’s highly professional facilitation of this change process is a key factor for us. My personal learning when diving into the images and paintings of the Symbolon-Profile, which seemed a bit esoteric at first: deep insights into my own thought patterns, uplifting aha moments, incredibly valuable realizations through reflection. The result: an increasingly clearer view of possible future scenarios for our company and myself. Chapeau and Thanks, dear Swaan Barrett!"

Brigitte Kaltwasser, Owner
Kaltwasser Kommunikation

”Leadership coaching with Swaan Barrett made me aware of my previously unseen talents and leadership qualities. Using effective questions and interesting tools, she gained access to my blocks and uncovered issues so that I was able to overcome old complexes. Now I am completely focused on my professional development and career. This was really great work. Thank you!”

K. K., Berlin

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