Build a new foundation for integrated communication and activate true innovative potential with a culture of dialogue

Clarity for action with a culture of dialogue

In a world of fast changes with agile ways of working, a culture of dialogue is foundational for effective group action in any organization.

An active culture of dialogue creates transparency around individual and organizational assumptions that drive the way we think and communicate about an issue. Sharing these assumptions and the related feelings helps resolve them and build a common ground for the next steps.

Dialogue as a basic stance supports a more open and honest culture in which information can flow freely. Teams learn to think together and come up with ideas they never would have had on their own. Read on to learn about ways we can help you implement a culture of dialogue in your organization.

Establishing and living a culture of dialogue

Take your organizational culture to the next level with regular dialogue!

We facilitate the sustainable and company-wide implementation of proven dialogue formats
initially created by David Bohm and refined at MIT for practical application in business.

Dialogue means learning on a new level. Instead of long-winded discussions without results, in just a short time dialogue brings the essence to light.

  • The framework and rules of dialogue allow for the unfoldment of new perspectives, because all voices are given room to express themselves regardless of role or rank.
  • In dialogue rounds, the group develops the skill of deep listening so that people can hear what was said (rather than focus on who said it).
  • Regular practice of dialogue increases and deepens mutual respect and trust among the group.
  • Over time, the quality of dialogue reaches increasingly more depth and breadth and can fully unfold its potential.

There is magic in true dialogue: without looking for a specific result, you will find greater clarity and purpose in the group after each round.


Allow communication to flow freely
through dialogue on all levels!

Together, we create a dialogue program for your needs.

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